Scissor Lifting

What factors will affect the lift speed


The hydraulic lifting platform is through the power unit drives the hydraulic oil to generate pressure so as reciprocate the cylinder piston to drive the scissor lift so that the lifting speed can be adjusted:

Power unit adjustment, whether scissor lift platform or rail lifting platform, are controlled by the power unit and the cylinder, the power unit has four holes in the production, can be adjusted to increase or decrease cylinder hydraulic oil flow, we can adjust the motor speed or electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow.

Tubing control, the longer hydraulic tubing, the longer rise time. Therefore, during installation, as far as possible within the scope of the design to reduce the length of the tubing; the size of the oil pipeline was adjusted also can be based on adjust the power unit, to ensure that the equipment to meet the normal needs of safety under the premise of the corresponding adjustment.

Cylinder control, cylinder size. In meeting the design requirements of the circumstances, as much as possible to reduce cylinder diameter. The smaller cylinder diameter, the faster rise.

Cargo load, the weight of goods also affect the speed of the lift, to reach the best value of goods transported by the platform is the speed of protection.

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