Scissor Lifting

Safety Protection measures


(1) The elevator in use should be inspected every day. No further use is found when a valid malfunction or component damage is found. The accessories provided by the manufacturer of the lift should be used for maintenance and should not be replaced or made by yourself.

(2) Lifts must not be overloaded. The rated load of each lift is indicated on the nameplate of the equipment. Special attention should be paid to the prevention of eccentric load, that is, although the whole machine is not overloaded, a lifting arm has exceeded the allowable rated load. Therefore, when you want to lift a car with a serious uneven distribution of front and rear axle loads, you should pay special attention to the ability to meet the requirements.

(3) The use of lifts shall be carried out by trained and qualified personnel.

(4) When lifting the cargo, there must be no one in the car. Customers and unrelated personnel should be kept away from the lift when lifting and using the lift.

(5) There must be no obstacles in the lift area, such as grease, waste, rubble, etc.

Safety Protection measures

1. Anti-falling safety device The function of the anti-falling safety device is to prevent the fall of the cage from accidents.

2, overweight sensor Many high-altitude equipment with overweight sensor (optional), when the load weight reaches the limit, it will automatically alarm and can not run, can be lifted when the load is subtracted.

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