Scissor Lifting

Check contents before the lift platform is operated


First, the inspection of key parts before starting

Our operators must carefully check the key parts of the lift before lifting the platform. It involves zero grounding, cable, buffer spring, cable cable damage, normality of the safety device, and instrument panel. Waiting for the work force j female should be more important, these are also the reliance to ensure that the lift works properly.

Second, the elevator structure is intact

We must check the overall structure of the lift without corrosion, deformation, etc., otherwise it will affect the safety of the work, especially, whether the standard section, cage, etc. are normal.

Third, the power part check

Make sure that the normal working power of the lift is very critical, so we can check it by the boot sound when we check it, check the normal movement of the machine, whether there is noise, and then whether the gear oil or hydraulic oil is normal. Is the oil enough?

Fourth, the normal performance of the brake device

We use the brake device during the lift process is very important, because in case of special circumstances, we can control the situation through the brake device, so the brake device must be normal, so be sure to check whether the indicators meet the standard before use. To ensure the effectiveness of the brake device.

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