Scissor Lifting

Advantages of lifts in aerial work


At present, the range of use of elevators is very wide. The equipment can rise and fall, mainly because of the characteristics of the elevator itself. There is a boom, and the front half has a lift bracket. After the bracket, the lift can have many functions. The boom's boom bracket also has a connection point that can help in switching modes. In the high-altitude industry, it will become more secure and convenient to operate.

A special chassis will be placed under the elevator. The chassis will use a fully hydraulic design method. It is very advanced and is a new type of aerial work equipment with mechatronics. Specially introduced many new lifts, this equipment is very advanced and flexible to control. Under normal circumstances, the lift device is also installed with a high safety. The lift device uses a three-dimensional rotary type to safely lift the object to the sky. The lifting device can provide an all-round satisfaction of the height of the lift. This makes the elevators used frequently when working at heights.

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