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  • Warehouse Project in Chile

    Warehouse Project in Chile

    This project is located in Santiago, Chile, it's used for maintenancing in a plastic factory and its warehouse, the working height can reach 10m, while platform height is 8m, lift by AC power with 220V of voltage. For this factory, previous tools was scaffolding, but it can not move easily and little dangerous. After pull type scissor lift arrival, the strong wooden case packing made the machine in good condition, when operating, it works very well, the fence can protect the worker well and more safer than scaffolding. It can also goes smoothly by truck/van towing. In fact, it has replaced the scaffolding very well.

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  • Maintain Project in Mexico

    Maintain Project in Mexico

    This project is located in Mexico, It is used in maintenance engineering, the working height can reach 8m, while platform height is 6m, it's high configuration with fully automatic, It does not need any outriggers, one man operates on the working platforms; Moving forward, turning around and lifting up are easily operated. The chargeable battery provides the power to move and steer around. The running speed can reach 3.4 km/h , the battery power will be 4*6v/225AH.

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  • Construction project in Vietnam

    Construction project in Vietnam

    This project is located in Vietnam, it is used in construction machinery factory for installing the high-altitude equipment. In this factory, the machine is very big such as chain hoist and other lifting machinery, the work of installation will be very difficult if no suitable tools, as the site of road surface is uneven. if use scaffolding to complete the work, it is very inconvenient to move, and it is very dangerous for installing large equipment the most important thing is to waste time. However, the fully automatic scissor lift can replace it very well as it can walk freely and safely, very efficient and save a lot of time.

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  • Construction project in Hefei

    Construction project in Hefei

    This project is located in Hefei, it's used in construction project site for installing and painting. This big project is need at least 4 sets of machine, and each machine no need any extra people to assist, it can operate by themselves, this will save the manpower and time. As if by scaffolding, each one will make at least 4 people to assist from that around and move forward and back. The chargeable battery provides the power to raise up the lift platforms, it's configuration by stable quality to ensure the worker's safety

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  • Construction project in Changsha

    Construction project in Changsha

    This project is located in Changsha, it's used for construction project site for welding, painting and binding, the working height is not so high, It does not need too high working height, 6.5 meters can meet the requirements, the platform height is 4.5 meters, and the rated load is 270 kilograms. The space of this project is limited, and many key piles are piled up, which has great restrictions on construction tools, due to the land occupation of scaffolding. The area is very large and seriously hinders the progress of the construction.

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  • Installation project in Fujian

    Installation project in Fujian

    This project is located in Fujian, it's used for indoor maintenance and installation work. As this project is divided into multiple units, each link needs different people to be responsible. The project schedule is tight, and the scaffolding needs to be used by many people. It takes a lot of time and cannot meet the requirements of the construction period. The fully automatic aerial work platform perfectly solves related problems, free walking, high stability and high safety. One person can complete his work according to the construction situation, effectively shorten the construction period and complete the task in advance

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