Scissor Lifting


Founded in 2012, Huaxia Scissor Lifting Platform Co., Ltd. Located in Jinan city,We have two series of products. 4m-16m full-automatic or pull type scissor lift. It has been widely used in industrial plants, railways, highways, airports, post, telecommunications, petroleum, electricity, Hotels, halls, decoration, municipal administration, tree maintenance, electrical wiring, chemical industry, medicine, nuclear power, photography, fire protection, gymnasium, residential property, architectural scene layout, supporting cleaning companies and so on.

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Latest news

Advantages of lifts in aerial work

At present, the range of use of elevators is very wide. The equipment can rise and fall, mainly because of the characteristics of the elevator itself. There is a boom, and the front half has a lift bracket.

How to maintain the lift platform lift

Maintenance is a very important way to extend the life of the machine. During the specific use of the lift platform, the maintenance problem should be placed in a very important position.